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Re: Rocktron All Access

Jeff Shirkey wrote:
 > I would say to email Mario and see if he has any plans to implement  the
 > changes you need.

Well, basically I need what an AllAccess does for 1/4 the cost :-)

Seriously, all of these "grid" controllers were designed for guitar
and keyboard players that want to reconfigure a massive rack with the
touch of a button, and arrange configurations into "set lists".  This
is a fine and useful thing, but most of what these do is irrelevant
for controlling a looper.

A looper controller needs to be able to send lots of different CC or
note messages, one at a time, in either one-shot or momentary modes,
and support "pages" or "banks" where the same switches can be
reconfigured to send different notes in different modes.  For example
one bank of all the basic EDP functions, and another bank with their
SUS equivalents.  Most guitar heroes don't need this which I guess is
why this feature isn't very common.

It would be great if Axcess added this, but at the end of the day,
it is still 6 times the cost of an FCB1010, and unless you have
a large rack all you really gain is the smaller form factor.