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Re: Rocktron All Access

> Seriously, all of these "grid" controllers were designed for guitar
> and keyboard players that want to reconfigure a massive rack with the
> touch of a button, and arrange configurations into "set lists".

Yes, well...what else is there? :) I realize I'm on the wrong list,  
but I hang around here for the hell of it. The only thing I really  
want out of a looper is to be able to use it as a practice and  
compositional tool.

> A looper controller needs to be able to send lots of different CC or
> note messages, one at a time, in either one-shot or momentary modes,
> and support "pages" or "banks" where the same switches can be
> reconfigured to send different notes in different modes.

The following response is from a friend of mine. This is all  
gibberish to me, but you seem to understand it, so here goes:

> Ah, but you can!
> There are 12 Instant Access Switches, another 12 that can be called up
> per preset (and can be IA once the expander is available), one stereo
> jack that can give remote footswitches for IAS 11 and/or 12, and four
> jacks that are can be used for pedals.
> BUT those 4 jacks can also be used as a switch, either momentary or
> latching.
> So you could assign "pedal" 4 to be a switch, and to send MIDI CC# A
> on Channel B globally, and to send MIDI CC# C on Channel D per preset.
> Then, using an external switch connected to the FX1, you could have it
> used for different purposes on every preset.
> Make sense?

Make sense to me? No, not really...not yet. ;)