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Re: Rocktron All Access

Sean Echevarria wrote:
> In addition to the 12 instant switches, the FX1 also has 6 preset 
> switches - so there is SOME flexibility there.

Right but all they can do is send program changes and optionally
the "state" of each instance access switch.  For EDP use you do
not want IA switch state being sent because function switches
do not have state like they do if they were being used for
an effects rig.  Effectively they can only be used to select
EDP presets, they cannot be used to call EDP functions that are
not already assigned to one of the 12 instant switches.

Jeff Shirkey wrote:
 > No, no...read the manual(s) again. :) I am 100% positive that the FX1
 > can store IA switches *per preset*.

If it does, they have a poorly written manual :-)

Page 17:

   The Preset Menu allows selecting a preset, assigning it a custom
   13 character name, and up to 16 program change messages for it
   to transmit.  The on/off status of the instant access switches
   and internal control changes, determining how the expression pedal
   ports will function when used in the preset, and assigning a custom
   hex/MIDI message to be sent as part of the preset are also handled
   in this menu.

I read this as a preset can store on/off status of the IA switches,
but not the CC assignment itself.

Page 23:

   The MIDI menu allows defining *global* parameters such as; the MIDI
   channel that the FX1 will respond to incoming MIDI messages on,
   the starting number used when displaying program change messages,
   the *control change and program change messages that each instant
   access switch will transmit*, the expression pedal ports control
   change settings and the custom hex/MIDI messages of each instant
   access switch.

CC assignments appear to be global.