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Re: Rocktron All Access

Michael Peters wrote:
 > who uses the Rocktron to control the EDP and can comment on its 
 > (and could possibly give me some advice on how to program it?) there is 
 > for sale on eBay here in Germany ...  -Michael

I don't have one, but I did some research on it when shopping for
a controller.  In many ways it is the most powerful foot controller
on the market today, but it is outrageously expensive.

It has 15 switches in a 5x3 grid which you can configure
as "instant access" or as "preset select" switches.  For the EDP,
instant access switches would be used for looping functions and the preset
switches to send program changes to select EDP presets.  The instant
access switches can be configured as momentary switches for SUS functions
using continuous controller messages, they cannot send notes but the
EDP can recognize CC's.

If you don't need to change EDP presets, then all 15 switches can be used
for EDP functions.  If you do want to change presets then the top two
rows can be used for 10 functions and the bottom for 5 program
changes.  I didn't like having the program changes on the bottom row,
since they are closest to the performer and would be more useful for
the primary looping functions.  I don't believe there is a way to
configure it so that the program changes are on the top row and the
function switches are on the bottom two rows.

The bank select switches can be used to scroll through different
configurations of the function switches, so with enough work you can
get to every EDP function, but you will have to arrange them in banks
of 15.

The FCB1010 is in many ways less powerful but I would agree with Craig
that it is better as an EDP controller.  You have more control over
the layout of the switches, any switch can be used for either
functions or preset selection, and you get two pedals for volume and

The only reason I would get an AllAccess instead of the FCB1010 is if
you didn't like the size of the FCB, or if you had a lot of other
gear you wanted to control from the same unit.  The AA can
send messages on all MIDI channels, the FCB is limited, but if all
you want to do is control an EDP the AA is vast overkill.

The AA also has those rugged metal switches that make noise, the FCB
is much quieter which may make a difference for acoustic players.