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Re: Rocktron All Access

On Dec 20, 2005, at 3:27 PM, Jeff Larson wrote:
> Jeff Shirkey wrote:
> > No, no...read the manual(s) again. :) I am 100% positive that the  
> FX1
> > can store IA switches *per preset*.

I may be misunderstanding what you need the FX1 to do. Here's what I  
had in mind based on my own needs. Let's say IA switch #6 is assigned  
to turn on/off one of my loops (Big Muff, for example) in the  
majority of my presets. But in other presets I want the same IA  
switch to turn on/off a different effect (Chorus pedal). I can do it-- 
or so I've been told (I just got my FX1). In other words, the IA  
switch functions/commands can be assigned per preset, and not just  

I could have sworn that I read that specifically in the manual or  
some other literature on the FX1. I just emailed the owner of Axess  
to get his response. If you have any specific questions, you should  
email him directly: