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Re: Rocktron All Access

Jeff Shirkey wrote:
> I may be misunderstanding what you need the FX1 to do. 

As an EDP controller, what I basically need is the ability to
send all 127 CC numbers from the IA switches without reconfiguring.
This means that each preset would have to allow a different CC assignments,
e.g. Preset 1 sends 0-11, Preset 2 sends 12-23, etc.

 >Here's what I
> had in mind based on my own needs. Let's say IA switch #6 is assigned  
> to turn on/off one of my loops (Big Muff, for example) in the  majority 
> of my presets. But in other presets I want the same IA  switch to turn 
> on/off a different effect (Chorus pedal). I can do it-- or so I've been 
> told (I just got my FX1).

This is not the way I interpreted the manual, but if you are already in
possession of the FX1 you can try it and see.

The way manual is written, it looks just like the Ground Control Pro
which I do have.  A preset can store the on/off state of the IA button,
so you can have for example a preset with the chorus on and the distortion
off etc.  But a preset cannot change the CC number that the IA buttons