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Re: Rocktron All Access

Jeff Shirkey wrote:
>>   In many ways it is the most powerful foot controller
>> on the market today, but it is outrageously expensive.
> No. The Axess FX1 and Skrydstrup SC1 are the best controllers  
> available. Those are the only two MIDI controllers I'd consider. As  for 
> cost, you get what you pay for.

I stand corrected.  As far as getting what you pay for, well, I would say
that anything over $300 for a bunch of switches and a really simple 
processor application is insane.  But I guess it is what the market will 

The FX1 by the way only has 12 instant access switches and the SC1 only 10
compared to 15 on the AllAccess, so by that measure they are less powerful 
your goal is the maximum number of EDP functions accessible without bank 

All these high end controllers seem to be designed for keyboard or
guitar players with massive effects rigs where the instant access
switches are used for things like turning "chorus" on and off and
the presets send program changes or sysex messages to 42 different
devices.  Just out of curiosity, when you say these are the only
MIDI controllers you would consider, do you have a rig of this complexity?