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Re: OT: was: Looping in prehistory Now: concert nostalgia and name-dropping

priceless memories indeed.
reads like my itenery for a time machine...
holy smokes dude!!!
some heavy heavy names to drop.
67 seems bit bit late for being born.
very cool!    danny/spookyius-humaniod

Warren Sirota <wsirota@wsdesigns.com> wrote:
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incredible line up
how long were the loops jaco was riding?
[WS: ] they were only a couple of seconds long.  
were you at friday night in sanfrancisco...bro?
[WS: ]  Funny you should ask. actually, I *was* there. great show. were *you* there? 
that town has had some magic musical moments in time...
did floyd do "the wall"on that tour?or was that LA & new york
some good ole days for sure

[WS: ] The only time I ever saw Floyd was pre-Wall; I was fortunate to also be at an equally incredible concert location - the State University of NY at Stony Brook, 1968-71 (well, I guess the greater NY area gets credit, since we frequently ventured into Manhattan for some other great show). Pink Floyd gave an incredible show, but also there were *so* many other highlights: the Allmans with Duane, Alvin Lee from 10 Years After leaving the stage soaked in sweat and tears of joy, Moby Grape nearly having a fistfight on stage (on the same bill with Procol Harum), the Jefferson Airplane at their peak (right before the Airplane dissolved into the Starship), the Who (with Moon) playing Tommy start to finish, Joe Cocker twice - with the Grease Band and the travelling circus known as Mad Dogs and Englishmen (both great), and my personal favorite of the entire period, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassady playing acoustic (well, not Cassady) for 4 hours straight. I think most of these concerts were probably about $10 each for students. Unfortunately, I was there a year too late to see Hendrix (but I'd seen him the year before at what is now the tennis stadium in Flushing Meadow Park, with Janis opening - or vice versa. Same summer as the Doors and the Who on one bill). I also saw Zep with Bonham elsewhere in that park. I even saw Pentangle, one of my favorite and rarely-exposed groups, at Carnegie Hall in 71. I also saw Miles, playing with most of the "Bitches Brew" band, opening(!!!) for Neil Young solo at Carnegie (or was it Fillmore East?), a great concert all around. Whew!

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