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Using Boss RC-20 Live


I am new to this list; but not entirely new to looping.  I first 
the joy in the late 80's with an Ibanez digital delay (rack mount - I have 
long since forgotten the model).  Hours of fun!  My main looping tool now, 
is the Repeater; which I have not yet fully tamed!

Anyway... I am considering purchasing the RC-20 for live use because it is 
so small and can be run on batteries (loop storage is also nice); 
otherwise, I would purchase the Boomerang without further hesitation.  I 
spent several hours yesterday searching/reading the archives; but I still 
have a few operational questions.

Are the following conclusions/assumptions correct?

1. The need to fuss with the time signature and tempo settings is TOTALLY 
eliminated by simply turning the quantization feature off.

2. To record a NEW loop, a) the existing loop MUST NOT be playing b) step 
on the left pedal to start recording c) step on the left pedal to stop 
recording and IMMEDIATELY start playing the loop  OR  step on the right 
pedal to stop recording WITHOUT playing the loop.

3. To over-dub an EXISTING loop, the process is the EXACT SAME, except 
the existing loop MUST be playing when you press the left 
pedal.  Furthermore, over-dub is similar to the Repeater, in that you can 
not go directly from recording a new loop to over-dubbing; but, instead, 
you have to wait for one initial play cycle (or portion thereof).

Is anyone using the RC-20 live?  If so, what do you hate about it?  :-)



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