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Re: recording setup? (ot)

At 12:30 PM -0700 4/21/03, Evan Meyers wrote:

>forgive me...carrillon (?)

Carillon systems are PC-only, so if you're happy working with a 
Windows PC then it's probably a good choice. By purchasing a system 
designed for audio you avoid the uncertainties that sometimes arise 
from the lack of hardware standardization in the PC world. Many 
system options are offered by Carillon, but if you chose to go with a 
Macintosh you'd have just as many choices without paying a premium 
for the package integration.  Wave Digital offers a similar system 
optimization service using Macs <http://www.wavedigital.com/>. In 
fact Wave Digital and Carillon USA are under the same roof in 
Ringwood, NJ.

It's probably best to avoid the Mac-vs-PC debate. You can put 
together an excellent system based on either platform. However, there 
can be performance differences between equivalent configurations on 
both platforms (neither side seems to be consistently better or worse 
- it varies from one program to the next).

For me part of the dilemma comes down to plug-in support. Some 
plug-ins simply are limited to Pro Tools, either TDM or RTAS. As far 
as audio hardware goes, at the lower end there are significant 
latency differences between (for instance) a Digi 001 and an RME 

My recommendation is typically to decide what software you like and 
then pick the hardware platform and configuration that seems to 
support it best.


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202