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Re: recording setup? (ot)

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Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 21:11:PM
Subject: Re: recording setup? (ot)

> At 12:30 PM -0700 4/21/03, Evan Meyers wrote:
> >forgive me...carrillon (?)
> Carillon systems are PC-only, so if you're happy working with a
> Windows PC then it's probably a good choice. By purchasing a system
> designed for audio you avoid the uncertainties that sometimes arise
> from the lack of hardware standardization in the PC world. Many
> system options are offered by Carillon, but if you chose to go with a
> Macintosh you'd have just as many choices without paying a premium
> for the package integration.  Wave Digital offers a similar system
> optimization service using Macs <http://www.wavedigital.com/>. In
> fact Wave Digital and Carillon USA are under the same roof in
> Ringwood, NJ.

"lack of hardware standardization in the PC world"?  I'm afraid this must 
substantiated with more than a flip comment.

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