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Re: recording setup? (ot)

> At 11:26 AM +0100 4/22/03, Steve Goodman wrote a whole bunch of stuff
> about PC hardware that demonstrates that he knows whereof he speaks.
> OK, so my information is probably outdated (though some of my
> personal experiences are recent). My original comment was just a
> "caveat emptor" suggestion that you have to do your homework when
> setting up a system. If someone chooses to go with a professionally
> configured music system such as those offered by Carillon and Wave
> Digital then the compatibility issues should have been worked out.
> BTW - There was a very positive review of a Carillon system, posted
> by its owner, on the theatre-sound list this week. Some of his
> comments: "quiet...blazingly fast...rock solid."

Thanks for the compliment!  Though frankly the more I hear about these
config horror stories, the more I wish I was there in the area to fix 'em

...Say!  There's an idea.  If I could get enough gigs fixing up peoples'
setups/PCs out there it'd be more than worthwhile to borrow the cash to fly
back.  I've got stuff in storage for the past three years that you wouldn't
believe - and have had a big lawn sale planned for as long...

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