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Re: recording setup? (ot)

At 11:36 PM +0100 4/21/03, Steve Goodman wrote:

>"lack of hardware standardization in the PC world"?  I'm afraid this must 
>substantiated with more than a flip comment.

Really?  I thought it was generally accepted that PC hardware can be 
a crapshoot. PCs and PC boards and peripherals are made by a wide 
variety of manufacturers and there IS a lot of shoddy merchandise out 

Since I don't use PCs myself I can only rely on the many complaints 
I've heard from friends who do use PCs (and who are careful to check 
out specific compatibility issues with different mother boards, video 
cards, etc.), from friends who are computer music consultants, from 
tech support acquaintances, and from computer music retailers. The 
general consensus among these people is that you have to be well 
informed about the specific items you are trying to assemble into a 

As for myself, the majority of my PC hardware experiences have been 
frustrating (PCI boards not fitting, components coming unplugged in 
transit, etc.). I haven't had these sorts of problems with Macs 
because 1) most of the major hardware is made by Apple and 2) Apple 
is traditionally pretty strict when it comes to specs.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202