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[Paris Loopfest] I probably wont be here :(

Hi all,

I've been absent from the list, the net, life and music in general over 
the past month or so. I had a series of computer problems which 
resulted in me losing over 6 months of recordings... I've also had a 
pile of personal problems (mostly financial) which has made me realise 
that I need to get the hell out of Paris. The music scene here sucks... 
that is unless you produce euro-pop rehashes of 70's hits. More and 
more venues are now resorting to installing CD players, as the 
beaurocracy in getting permission for live music is too much hassle, 
and there is now a huge crackdown on 'illegal street performances'....

I'm giving up. I'm too old/tired/pissed off at having to 'suffer for my 
art'... it aint romantic, and its not fun.

Yup... I'm moving back to the UK (Plymouth)... probably within weeks.

Re: the loopfest, I've been able to do very little. The venues that 
have in-house P.A. systems are fully booked up months in advance... the 
earliest that anyone can hope for is towards the winter. Even trying to 
find a suitable small venue where I wont have to pay up-front for when 
Rick Walker arrives at the end of June has proved impossible... :(

I need someone to take over control of what I had hoped to start.... 
any takers?

Sorry to let you down guys....

- Stu

P.S. I have 1977 unread LD emails... is there a summary kicking around?