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Re: Using Boss RC-20 Live

--- Soren <Soren@DeathRattleRecords.com> wrote:
> Are the following conclusions/assumptions correct?

> 3. To over-dub an EXISTING loop, the process is the EXACT SAME, except 
> the existing loop MUST be playing when you press the left 
> pedal.  Furthermore, over-dub is similar to the Repeater, in that you 
> not go directly from recording a new loop to over-dubbing; but, instead, 
> you have to wait for one initial play cycle (or portion thereof).

FWIW, you don't need to wait an entire loop cycle to get the Repeater into
overdub, you can start overdubbing as quickly as you can hit the record 
again. It just won't transition from initial loop recording to overdubbing 
one button press like the EDP will.


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