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Re: recording setup? (ot)

At 11:26 AM +0100 4/22/03, Steve Goodman wrote a whole bunch of stuff 
about PC hardware that demonstrates that he knows whereof he speaks.

OK, so my information is probably outdated (though some of my 
personal experiences are recent). My original comment was just a 
"caveat emptor" suggestion that you have to do your homework when 
setting up a system. If someone chooses to go with a professionally 
configured music system such as those offered by Carillon and Wave 
Digital then the compatibility issues should have been worked out.

BTW - There was a very positive review of a Carillon system, posted 
by its owner, on the theatre-sound list this week. Some of his 
comments: "quiet...blazingly fast...rock solid."


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202