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Re: 3 million hits with livelooping

For the record, I love love love the happy dance! :) The song as a whole, 
eh, whatever… It made me smile though and that's all I personally need…

As far as people watching what they say though, I kind of think that's 
overrated to a degree.

Yes, there's definitely a time /place for decorum and tact, but as 
musicians, artists, or performers of any kind, it's pretty common 
knowledge that you can't please everybody and furthermore some people are 
just going to flat out hate what you do. -And it's all good! :) That's 
just the nature of the thing…

The most popular artists always have antifans as much as fans. -Same is 
true for people no one's ever heard of… -It just may be less obvious…

My point is that any artist just by nature kind of needs to expect 
critique as art moves in naturally more 'dangerous' and delicate areas of 
people's experience. So why not express those ideas truly and honestly?… 
I'm not saying 'be intentionally crass or disrespectful,' but i am saying 
that too much restraint isn't always cool. -Or fun either! lol!

Anyway, once again, blah blah blah…


CQ :)
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On Apr 27, 2012, at 9:21 AM, Torben Scharling wrote:

Sure, but not all of us have a long (public) career in this business 
behind us. And if one thing, I think talented new artists should be 
respected and helped, so even though I have nothing to do with that video, 
I would hate that that was the comments I got, had I been in his shoes. 
And yes these comments are very public, too.

Let's face it, these days there is a lot more outlets to the public/fans 
than in the old days when it was about getting on the radio or releasing a 
physical album. And those outlets (can) have different types of audiences. 
So people who are very good at doing "the youtube thing" which I relate to 
the whole "people get to know you, you talk to the camera, you ask the 
fans/suscribers something that they'll reply to in the comments, you have 
your own "show" etc. - those people have chosen to do thát kind of 
entertainment. So it's also about where creators focus is.

Look guys you can write what you want, I'm just saying that it says a lot 
about you/the way you think, and that perhaps you should think about how 
you view other peoples "talents" and efforts, and how you phrase it