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Re: 3 million hits with livelooping


I think that quite possibly you are reading a lot into the responses to 
the video.

Maybe...maybe not.

There is a context to everything and sometimes that context might not be 

Trolling? I'm an old fart and don't even know what that term (?) means.

I was probably first to respond to Matthi's post anyway, so I may be 
somewhat guilty of something or another.

Matthias, who originally posted the link, is the inventor of the EDP and 
(in the absence of the late Kim Flint) is as near to a "Founding Father" 
as this list has.

He and I know each other, I too have been on this list nearly as long as 
it has existed myself (since 1996) so it is all like a very big long 
conversation between us indeed.

I am afraid that I am probably guilty of replying to his link-posting as 
frankly as as a private conversation between two old acquaintances rather 
than being especially conscious that it is like "a big room" with a lot of 
people in it to overhear.

Did someone's undies get in a bunch because of it?

I am sorry for that.

Nothing personal was meant by it.

I did not mean to be any more dismissive to the video in question than I 
am to "pop culture" in general.

I would have similarly dismissed the late Michael Freeking Jackson.

It's just not where my interests lie.

Matthi's post was "What do you think of this?" (or something to that 

And I gave him the same brief, frank, candid answer I might have given if 
the conversation had been in private, I guess.

If that was an internet faux pas, I guess I am guilty as charged.

Am I a talentless od git poser for having done so?

Sometimes that is exactly what I feel like, personally - but for other, 
rather more obscure reasons.

But I know I can do a few things extraordinarily well, and exactly in the 
area that interests me - so I am happy and contented with that.

It seems like someone is taking this critique of a mere YouTube video far 
too seriously and personally - making much more of it than is warranted.

It's like (in our various responses) we had deliberately kicked your puppy 
or something.

Sorry about my lack of circumspection in my comments.

But give us a break...huh?



On Apr 27, 2012, at 5:25 AM, Torben Scharling wrote:

> I didn't mean you in particular Mark, I'm new to this mailing list 
> business.
> So without mentioning any names, or quoting anyone, what I meant was:
> I see a lot of jealousy, insecurities, hatred towards other people, who 
> are more successful than you. Perhaps even worse musicians, but way 
> better at giving audiences what they want/something they find 
> interesting enough to wanna share with their friends (and share on a 
> mailing list).
> This guy is a "like", "share", "subscribe", "click on my ads" kind of 
> guy. He thrives on that - good for him. Doesn't mean you have to do the 
> same, just respect the fact that he's successful in doing what he's 
> doing. (And no, I'm not a fan of his btw.)
> I mean, it's not like this guy is a phony or a con artist. I'm sure he 
> works hard with what he's got. He probably realized that he's not a 
> super-musician, and learned to draw on other skills. 
> Bashing creativity, entertainment, and quite frankly something that you, 
> unless you pull the same kind of views or at least returning 
> subscribers, have no clue how to do yourselves - then I think trolling 
> is the appropriate word for it.
> I went to a Reggie Watts concert recently here in Copenhagen. And this 
> by passer comment from another Danish guy that attended the show, stuck 
> in my head ever since; "it's just sad that he spends so much time 
> goofing around and not taking it seriously, (in reality) he's a great 
> musician, but he choses to rely on comedy"....
> Now this relates back to that youtube video, and you guys that think 
> you're all that in terms of you music skills and looping magic: to each 
> his own, theres a place for everything, there are new forms of show 
> business, there are talented musicians/artists/entertainers who choose 
> to wrap their talents in different paper than you and your neighbor etc.
> I could say a lot of horrible things about some of you guys music on 
> this mailing list, tell you how crappy your atmospheric sea of infinite 
> weirdo sounds and noises are nothing but a gimmick drowned in effects, 
> delays and  reverbs to hide the fact, that your musical talents just 
> don't add up. But I won't, because I'm not a teenager anymore.