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Re: live versus home rig

My live rig differs greatly from my studio rig, first and foremost because of the rather small car Iīve got :-/. On the other hand, though, itīs amazing *what* you can squeeze into a 1994 Volkswagen Polo...
Live on stage I have a pair of Emu E4XTs with two small Roland MIDI master keyboards which I use for textural and ambient work which I created at home. Then Iīve got a small Behringer mixer (donīt throw things at me, please!) and a Lexicon Jamman which shares the 19" rack with one of the Emus. The looping rig with the EDPs and the Repeater tends to be rather unwieldy so I leave it at home most of the time. Finally, Iīve got a few of these small Sony HR MP-5 multi FX units which produce a very decent sound for their respective size, especially when nixing the built-in FX of the Behringer ;-).
Depending on the location I sometimes use a Fostex D-90 for recording both the sound straight from the desk plus the ambient sound of the venue (when playing inside a gasometer or a reservoir, for instance). This allows for more elaborate mixing and blending of the various sound sources afterwards (and gives me three hours of recording time). For capturing live sound, I usually bring a Crown SASS-P Mk. 2 and a set of small diaphragm condenser microphones mounted to a Jecklin OSS disc.
I usually bring one or two further instruments along (when my car allows me to as I sometimes even squeeze a small PA into it, too), e. g. a Guya lapsteel with Sustainiac B, a Korg Wavestation, or something along these lines. In December Iīll be playing another planetarium show where I might even bring my ARP 2600 with sequencers... or a VCS-3, for that matter.
Thereīs such a lot more to draw from when working in the studio...

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