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yes!.....touring rig:.....guitar > ineko > boomerang > ineko > fender champ or p.a., maybe another little alesis box or 2.....BIG ROOM RIG:.....guitar (buckers) >zoom 2100 > digi. space station > bitrman 1 > mackie 1202.....piezo (the guitar has 2 outs) > bitrman 2 > 1202.....1 mic for glockenspiel, 1 mic for vocals, bamboo flutes etc > 1202.....casio cz-5000 > alesis FAZE > 1202.....send 1 on 1202 > eletrix: mo fx > filter factory > warp factory > ineko 1 > boomerang > ineko 2 >1202.....send 2: vortex (thank you stanno!) > alesis Q2.....then all out to srm 450s (2).....it's taken awhile to arrive at this set-up and i am quite pleased with it but if you see anyway to improve on the signal paths please let me know!.....i spend an inordanent amount of time "thinking" about this.....of course the downside of the BRR is weight, the powerstrips, cables and alesis boxes alone weigh a lot and try finding a car that allows you to fit in the weird shaped gator rack, no way in the trunk and it's a battle to get it in the front seat.....now i know many folk will say "i just take an instrument and a computer".....i hate you!.....:).....perhaps that day will come for this old luditte and then i will play out more if i can find more lovers of boops and beeps.....m

"one man, one oat!" OAT WILLY

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