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Thanks, Rick, for that interesting thread.

As I play my rig more than I play my instruments, using a different rig 
for home, hometown and far away use wouldn't make sense for me. 

For the entire time during my solo playing, the home rig (used for playing 
in realtime, as opposed to recording multi-tracked stuff and processing 
maybe later) has always been the same as the live rig (for any possible 
distance away from home).

Of course, the touring logistics had an effect on this setup: as I went to 
play events further and further away from my home town, the rig (which, as 
I said had only been one) got changed from a 20HU-Rack/three keyboards/two 
saxes/trombone/two bass guitars/lots of floorstuff to a 10HU-Rack/two 
keyboards/sax/two bass guitars/lesser amount of floorstuff to a 
laptop/interface/faderbox/floorboard/trombone affair. And that's where I'm 
now, more precisely:

Dell D620 w/ FW
TC Konnekt24D
Behringer BCR2000
Behringer FCB1010
(to come): wireless mikes for trombone and vocal noises

Of course, this differs when I want to do other things at home. I still 
got my 10HU-Rack setup. And a stompbox one.

Differences were also encountered during my activities with my improvised 
dance outfit, Eclectic Blah. For rehersals, I used a very simple setup 
(most of the time, Kawai K1 keyboard with lots of keys damaged or missing, 
Nord MicroModular, DL4), where live performances saw a somewhat bigger 
setup, although even that one had shrunk for the last performances to a 
Wavestation KEX/Q/MicroModular/KP2/DL4/4HU-rack affair.