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My "home rig" is a hardware-based electronic music studio -- much too  
big and heavy to transport.  Also, I have equipment that isn't needed  
on the road.

On stage I only have my laptop, an RME800 interface, and my theremin.   
I can have this setup in 16 minutes (yep, I've timed it to the  
minute).  I think I can knock some time off of the setup by  
re-organizing my pitch-preview amp and cables (these cables are thin  
and tend to tangle easily).  In most cases, setup time (rather than  
size and weight) is the main constraint.

... the rest of this email are some ramblings...

I prefer to play through my own PA (5 SRM450s and 2 SWA1501s) however  
that is not always possible.  The downside to using my own PA is the  
transport difficulty (won't fit into my car so I have to borrow my  
parents' van).  Surprizingly, to setup my PA only adds about 15  
minutes to the total setup time.  I've had good luck when playing  
through provided systems, though.  The sound techs that I've worked  
with have all been helpful and that makes a big difference.

I just returned from the electro-music festival (this year held in  
Kingsport, TN).  I used my own system (and everyone else used it  
too!).  I was the only one who used it in a surround configuration.  I  
discovered that when the rear speakers are relatively distant, that I  
can't hear them at all from the stage!  I managed to get through the  
set but was a bit stressful.  Today I ordered a SRM350 (on sale at MF)  
to use as a wedge monitor on stage.

My laptop-based looping is all automated/composed.  Last Friday I  
participated in a collaboration and used my RC50 for on-the-fly  
looping.  As such, I was able to create drones and pads with the  
theremin -- and left the melodic playing to the other musicians: one  
on acoustic bass, the other on wooden ("primative") flutes.  The  
looping enabled me to use the theremin: a melodic, monophonic  
instrument -- as a chordal accompianment instrument.

-- Kevin