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live versus home rig

don't loop when I tour... YET!

Live I use:

One of 3 Magnatone 213 amps (old valve/tube jobbies) - and flight case. The Mag's are still fairly cheap, light and tone to die for.

Pedal board
Old Roland Volume Pedal
Area 51 mod Crybaby
Hip Kitty distortion
T Rex Replica
Durham Sex Drive
Ultra Sound DI Plus (banjo and Phillips gtr)
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Plus 2
Pedaltrain pedal board & flight case

Collings OM2H gtr with K&K 3 way pickup

I use this rig for recording too. Usually a Sennheiser 421 on front and SM57 on rear of cabinet straight in and out of the board. Love the old Roland Dimension D on guitar though. Automatic wonderfulness.

Not relevant but figured I'd send it anyhoo. For looping still using the RC50. Still looking for the right looper. Might be a dreaded laptop. Don't like to see folks doing the Spock onstage starting at laptops. (I should pay more attention to Kris and his rig!)

Wishing the Looperlative held more data - could store more data. Some tracks I'd like to have prepared before hitting the stage. Some live improv.

This winter hoping to spend more time with RC50 sync'd to sequences. We'll see how that goes. Doing another full on record this year so might not have time to do the heavy manual dance. Wish I could hire a tech to do the heavy lifting for me. Getting old.

In the meantime I'm just an old school guitarist (& banjo) sometimes straight acoustic and sometimes thru the above rig.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.
www.glassWing.com www.richardsales.com
www.hayleysales.com www.joannesales.com

On 18-Aug-08, at 2:02 PM, info at zoekeating wrote:

by the way, it was very flattering back there in the stream to be thought of as "internationally renowned". but its not really true because its just me here in my tiny studio in the middle of a redwood forest. i work with famous people but i am not famous.

also, although i was a professional musician before, loopfest was indeed my first loop performance. i had been mucking about with a boomerang pedal (loaned to me by the band tarentel, who i was working with) and an electrix repeater (loaned to me by dj vordo) during parties at our warehome when matt hooked me up with rick walker for y2k2 and then loopers-delight. i had no idea there was a whole community dedicated to it, i didn't know it was called looping, and i had never heard of robert fripp.

so i guess ya'll are my base.