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by the way, it was very flattering back there in the stream to be  
thought of as "internationally renowned". but its not really true  
because its just me here in my tiny studio in the middle of a redwood  
forest. i work with famous people but i am not famous.

also, although i was a professional musician before, loopfest was  
indeed my first loop performance. i had been mucking about with a  
boomerang pedal (loaned to me by the band tarentel, who i was working  
with) and an electrix repeater (loaned to me by dj vordo) during  
parties at our warehome when matt hooked me up with rick walker for  
y2k2 and then loopers-delight. i had no idea there was a whole  
community dedicated to it, i didn't know it was called looping, and i  
had never heard of robert fripp.

so i guess ya'll are my base.