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Re: RC-50 wierdness

If I'm reading your previous posts correctly, you're getting your value for the RC-50 loop tempo by looking at the RC-50 display, and then entering that value into PT, correct?  And that the RC-50 loop tempo is set by you at the gig via tap tempo?

My guess that the RC-50 is rounding off the BPM value on the display.  I know the EDP does this, so that one loop might show as being "4.0" seconds long, but after a quantized multiply for two cycles, it's " 8.1" seconds.  The accuracy of the actual clock is greater than the front panel display. 

If you are indeed setting your live loop tempo via tap tempo then I don't think it's possible to get a BPM value accurate enough for post-production work in ProTools.  You'll either have to do some hand tweaking in ProTools, or play to a master clock on the gig.


On 2/12/07, Teddy <teddybutter@mac.com> wrote:
yes, but... along with the SAME loops that were recorded live through
an amp.

I'm a pro tools guru, if it were only recording the loops into PT and
synching it with tempo I would have been done in 3.4 seconds like you

what I've done is recorded a song live with the rc-50 running through
an amp.
it's a performance that I don't want to change, just help it out a
so, to help out the sound of it I want to re-record the RC-50 loops
back into pt.
then I have to sync those with the (same) loops that were recorded

do you see what I'm doing now? am I explaining it enough?