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Re: RC-50 wierdness

On Feb 11, 2007, at 11:19 PM, Richard Sales wrote:

Hi Teddy

I haven't done it but I've been thinking about it.  I think I would slave my RC 50 to MIDI Time Code from Pro Tools - or vice versa.  So you need some kind of time clock - if your Pro Tools interface isn't generating one - to slave your system to.  Then all the elements SHOULD sync up nicely. 

maybe I didn't enunciate it right.
I don't even want to slave the 2 together. I just want to record the looped elements into pro tools again individually and have them so I can mix.
the problem I have is that the RC-50's tempo is not what it says it is, according to pro tools.

One problem I have with the RC 50 is even when the click or rhythm track is set to go out the sub it comes out the main into my guitar amp.  Hummmm! Not good.

that you can set per patch OR globally in the system menu. if you do it per patch you have to set in each patch. I use a 3 amp setup with gtr loops in one, vocal loops in another and the crappy drum machine through all sorts of weirdness out the mains. the drag for me is you can't pan the guide drums.

But I'm having TONS of fun with it.  I can almost see the whites in the eyes of the Looperlative Army coming at me... hear the roll of their snare drums... and I know I'll have to break down and get one someday soon.  I SURRENDER! But other more critical things - or crucial to the SOUND - keep jumping in the path. 

I don't care what it is, carrying a rack to a gig doesn't interest me in the least.

Got a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo and that's been a blast.  My old tape Echoplex was having a near death experience so it's going off to the hospital (and hopefully not the morgue) soon.  Two new (old) amps coming soon.  Late fifties early sixties Magnatone 213s. A Durham Sex Drive.  New Area 51 guts for my Cry Baby.  Fun stuff. 

ahhhh... nice. I have 5 magnatones, they are amazing.