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Re: RC-50 wierdness

I do if I want to do what I'm doing.

we played the stuff live with my RC-50 running into pro tools
now I want to fly those parts into pro tools and loop them
to do that I do need the tempo in PT to be the same.

or? what's your idea?


On Feb 12, 2007, at 7:21 AM, andy butler wrote:

> Turn off the BPM in Pro Tools,
> or ignore it.
> You don't need BPM in an audio application.
> ...but if you want accurate BPM matching, then you have to sync.
>> maybe I didn't enunciate it right.
>> I don't even want to slave the 2 together. I just want to record  
>> the looped elements into pro tools again individually and have  
>> them so I can mix.
>> the problem I have is that the RC-50's tempo is not what it says  
>> it is, according to pro tools.