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Re: Larry - it's about MUSIC.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you've used Finale for all this 
composing, couldn't you post midi files of all these compositions 
somewhere for us enjoy? If you like, I'll offer up a portion of my 
server for you to use for free.

Midi files are quite small. You could convey your music to many, if not 
the vast majority, of the members of this list with nothing more than a 
midi file, and a small piece of direction to indicate your preferred 
instrument type(s). No, you won't have complete control of the final 
piece, but it's all about the composition, right?

That's my offer. I'll host your midi files free of charge. If you 
discover some audio, I'll host that as well. At this point, it will 
require some bravery on your part, but what the hell.

Jeff Evans

On Feb 16, 2005, at 8:12 PM, Larry Cooperman wrote:

> On Feb 16, 2005, at 5:29 PM, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>> Larry -
>> I'm trying to engage you clearly and with focus of my time and my 
>> attention
>> addressing your points, and you're replies are in glib, incomplete 
>> comments.
>> Talking to you is like talking to a ghost.
>> Post some music links, please.  Others have asked too.  I hope you 
>> have some
>> to music offer.
> Will I have reams of music but if it's not put up in a predigested 
> form then no one will even care.  I'm saying that in the old way, a 
> musician read and received a piece of music as written.
> I could put my music up all day long in this way and I'm just adding 
> to my Preparation H usage.
> I am a ghost to you guys.  I don't have all of that modern 
> corporeality.  I may have some files that I can figure out how to post 
> them.  I do have Mac OS-X and it should do something.  I'll look into 
> it and grab another tube of the Preparation.  Funny, I use Finale 
> instead of pushing a pencil and all of it involves sitting on you 
> butt.
>> Please tell us more about your music.  You don't seem to talk about 
>> your
>> actual music much at all.  Why?  What musical ideas would you like to 
>> share?
>> Is there a musical idea you are working on now?  What musical moment 
>> has
>> been useful to you recently? What musical moment most impacted your 
>> life?
>> Do you have some new musical motif that has captured your 
>> imagination?  When
>> do you find you do your best composing?  Why do you think that is?  
>> When are
>> you performing next?  Where?
> Rautavaara, a contemporary Finnish composer has brought together all 
> streams of music into a unifying whole so this is the most moving 
> musical experience I've had recently.
> I read a lot so I am motivated by what I read.  My last and longest 
> work Bless Me, Ultima was taken from a novel of the same name by 
> Rudolfo Anaya.  It is a beautiful coming of age story and centers 
> around the culture in New Mexico that was there when Cortez arrived in 
> the late 16th century.  Has magic.
> I'll try to get some sound files up.  Unfortunately the most recent 
> stuff was recorded by other folks and not by me.  I prefer it this way 
> so my recordings of my music are stored on DAT and I don't have a DAT 
> machine.
> Walking on the Water was inspired by Chancey Gardner's (Peter 
> Seller's) amazing walk across the pond in Being There.  This has been 
> my most recorded piece.
> Right now I'm doing a set of 12 pieces called Kachinas.  One of my 
> more recognized pieces is called The Transformations of Young Werther 
> inspired by Goethe's novel that help start the romantic era.  It is a 
> 25 minute symphonic poem for solo guitar.  I dedicated it to Robert 
> Downey Jr. because he's such a romantic guy that gets caught doing 
> drugs and naked.  Also inspired by Kirt Corbain's suicide.  Corbain 
> wasn't the first romantic to do this Werther made it popular.  Dandies 
> were killing themselves in the early and late romantic period for 
> reasons of love and art.
> These are pieces that off the top of my head I consider the most 
> inspired and the rest are just pieces like in the style of this and 
> that with a neo as a prefix.  I have written maybe over a hundred 
> pieces possibly two hundred.  I can't remember them all.
> I have also done some backtone electric guitar work solo and with an 
> improvisation group called the Vortexans.  I also have a similar 
> project called The Sports Utility Vampires (SUV) that do some sort of 
> post Charles Ives structural dissonance.  We use gear and such, so did 
> the Vortexans.
> My ghostliness is just natural because I am an old fashioned musician 
> who likes the old ways of doing things like Finale (?).  Well it's old 
> to me.  I don't do paper but if Enron pulls another trick in 
> California then I'll pull out soft leaded pencils and paper.
> Thanks for your interest and I'll see what I can do to satisfy 
> curiosity.
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>> From: "Larry Cooperman" <coop@newmillguitar.com>
>> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>> Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 6:06 PM
>> Subject: people opinion of people
>>> On Feb 15, 2005, at 2:32 PM, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>>>> Larry -
>>>> You have proven definitively (with the content of your reply to my
>>>> e-mail to
>>>> you) that you do not know me.  Instead, you have made additional
>>>> assumptions
>>>> about me based on no real knowledge about me.  This is a pity.
>>> there is no complete lack of knowledge here so i do know you, you're 
>>> on
>>> the list.  ain't no pity here i have no pity, like tell me, should i
>>> have pity my friend.  i know you love music and yourself.  i mean 
>>> that
>>> in a positive way.
>>>> Your argument is that people become lost in, or blinded even, by the
>>>> technology discussed on this Loopers-Delight list.  So?  Perhaps
>>>> Loopers-Delight is a place where people gather to learn more about 
>>>> the
>>>> capabilities of their technology, and in so doing to extend their
>>>> musical
>>>> capabilities?  Perhaps this is a venue for people to learn?  
>>>> Learning
>>>> is not
>>>> a problem, is it?
>>> yep, looper's delight is the best place on the internet as far as a
>>> discussion group not only because i am an asshole but because you 
>>> call
>>> me on it but also suggest that you think i have something to say but 
>>> i
>>> am not dainty.
>>>> First, I suggest that discussion of looping technology on this 
>>>> looping
>>>> list
>>>> originally created by and associated with a website that is 
>>>> dedicated
>>>> to
>>>> looping and looping technology should not be a surprise to you.
>>> yep, i sure know that one bubba.
>>>> When I go to Russia, it is reasonable to me that I will hear Russian
>>>> spoken
>>>> around me.  When I read posts from Loopers-Delight, it is reasonable
>>>> to me
>>>> that I might read about looping technology.  I'm not surprised.  I 
>>>> may
>>>> not
>>>> understand a lot of what I read here.  I may not be as interested in
>>>> some
>>>> topics as I am in others.  But I'm not surprised that on an e-list
>>>> created
>>>> by and for looping musicians, who invariably must use technology of
>>>> some
>>>> sort to accomplish their looping, that discussion of technology 
>>>> takes
>>>> place.
>>> you still miss my point, most of you do.  let me restate it-be 
>>> careful
>>> when giving someone advice on their music and especially if you are
>>> trying to shove this music in a box.
>>> i know that a lot of folks here think that i am a boxer with the box
>>> but i am free of all of these things.  i have no boxes of music, just
>>> boxes of people, so pardon me if you think i have boxed you.  i ain't
>>> heard your music there bubba.  i try to sound like a southern person
>>> when i'm talkin'.  it makes this all more comfortable that i'm 
>>> talking
>>> at cha'  i am trying to be constructive here and i know there was a
>>> breakdown of civility and i intentionally caused it.  remember, i'm 
>>> an
>>> asshole as some great scholar once said.
>>> but, and that is a big butt, this is about music and people's work.  
>>> a
>>> person said something to another a thing that was not productive.  
>>> the
>>> walker bros haven't listened to my cd in 7 months so some protocols
>>> have been broken.
>>> now i need to be stroked by the bros because i did such a horrifying
>>> performance and i turned it into a don rickels number with the manual
>>> and all of that.  i though it was great fun but i had to absolve my
>>> vile performance.
>>> so, in human nature this causes a maladjustment in that relationship
>>> and you should give advice from the perspective of that music not
>>> yours.  well here's what i would so is not the way you start a useful
>>> critique on another's music.  this is important now that i have your
>>> attention.
>>>> Indeed, because of this forum, I've been able to suggest and then
>>>> obtain two
>>>> capabilities I thought would benefit the looping technology I own.
>>>> These
>>>> capabilities are now part of the feature-set of the latest EDP
>>>> software.
>>>> So, I've used this very unique forum to shape the looping 
>>>> technology to
>>>> better suit my musical needs.  And I'm grateful to the authors of 
>>>> the
>>>> EDP
>>>> software for including my requests in their product.
>>> cool
>>>> Second, I suspect like many here, I read and subscribe to other 
>>>> music
>>>> related e-lists.  These other lists are based around discussion of
>>>> other
>>>> topics.  They each have their own "style" or "flavor" and to varying
>>>> degrees
>>>> contribute to my musical circumstances.  I get musical inspiration 
>>>> from
>>>> other places than Loopers-Delight.  As we all do.
>>> i'm a dead serious about music mother.  this is all i do i live it in
>>> spite of the rest of the world, my family and my associations over
>>> house cleaning and yard work to my drinkin' buddies understand me.  
>>> i'm
>>> just a musician and some people open their mouths and it just gripes
>>> me.  i've messed around on this group before being an asshole but 
>>> this
>>> kind of thing gets to me and this guy has been kicked off for a 
>>> while.
>>> oh, please kick me off.
>>> i'm staying until i'm kicked off because it's the right place to be
>>> kicked off of or something like that.  i mean chat groups are 
>>> generally
>>> a waste of time but this one isn't.
>>>> I've been reading this list off and on since 1996.  Many topics have
>>>> repeated and returned over that time.  Some discussions evolve and
>>>> some seem
>>>> to get stuck.  Your premise that the Loopers-Delight email list 
>>>> talks
>>>> about
>>>> technology too much has been discussed here before.  It's not
>>>> important that
>>>> so far you've not added anything new to the discussion.  What is
>>>> important
>>>> is that you've raised it again.  But unfortunately, your manner and
>>>> style
>>>> has killed the discussion before it really got started.  More's the
>>>> pity.
>>>> Or perhaps you have another goal?
>>> i think you're getting on to me me by asking your question.  i do 
>>> have
>>> the goal of turning trash into a flower at this point.  i've made my
>>> point.
>>> and i did say that at loopers delight there is too much talk about
>>> buttons and therefore when a musical discussion comes up, an inquiry
>>> into someone's music, they often start off in a counter productive
>>> manner like our friend did.  we all have a little of that in us, you
>>> know, that self centered how do i look sort of orientation.
>>> i mean, if you talk about golf all the time how you gonna talk about
>>> art.  you have no practice.
>>> Larry Cooperman
>>> New Millennium Guitar
>>> http://www.newmillguitar.com
> Larry Cooperman
> New Millennium Guitar
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