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No Subject

Hi Tony,

I listened and I found the comp wanting nothing and found the title 
quite proper for the sonic result.  Very, very good!

I have found that a lot of the people on this mailing list really don't 
understand music.

They understand machines, popular "music," multimedia and other things 
wrapped up in technology but music no.

So I would take what everyone says here with a grain or a load of salt.

A while back I gave a series of compositions to one of these people and 
his brother for their amusement and because the primary function of the 
stuff was music, I heard nothing from them.  They don't understand 
music as an organic growing thing, they understand it as part of a 
social order that they grew up with.  This I know because I heard them. 
  As good as they are I heard nothing new what-so-ever.  So when 
confronted with something that they haven't heard before they were 

What I mean to say is that music has a life beyond classifiers like 
popular and technology.  It is pure expression without the need for 

We have a lot of highly intelligent people here who are schooled and 
well read but treat their music like vestiges of their teenage years 
and nothing beyond that.  When I say they don't understand music I mean 
it.  They have no historical perspective at all and believe me that is 
need in the music arts as it is in any other.  How the hell do you know 
when you're being a "rebel" if you know nothing about what you're 
"rebelling" against.

There are no rebels here.  I read these emails from time to time most 
of the time I just delete them because of the banal content, people 
thinking they're really. really cutting edge and they are just not.

I may get a kick out of something here someday but I attended Y2K4, did 
a really horrible performance myself but I am sure that I made sounds 
that I hadn't heard before based on the chaos of all of the crappy gear 
that was meant to represent me.

Is a paint brush gear?  Is a vibrating string gear?  Gear, gear so what 
if there is no electricity? Technology has made musicians out of 
lawyers and bakers?  No.  At least not in my book.

As well, a person playing in a orchestra is not the same caliber 
creator as some of the Loopers.  I always thought that being a musician 
had something to do with creation and with some orchestra musicians, 
you take the sheet music away and they order a pizza.  There was a time 
in classical music when everyone improvised.

Take what I say as not another opinion but a judgment.  I have some 
historical perspective.

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar