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Re: My Repeater -> 2xEchoPro's... Should I take the plunge?

I just grabbed one of Guitar Center's blow out Echo Pros. (Thanks, Mark!) I
haven't been using the looper because I'm pretty much a hardcore EDP user,
but the echo models are really sweet. Not as rhythmically complex as what I
can do with my DL8000R, but very pleasant sounding. But, of course, you 
that since you have the DL4. The benefit of using the Echo Pro or the DL4 
you can live with its lack of feedback control in the loop is that with two
of them you have the option of using one as something other than a looper. 
would not count on being able to get them to function as a stereo pair,
however. I also have to say that from a pure convenience standpoint the
floor modelers beat the rack effects.

The Repeater is an intriguing instrument, but if you don't pitch shift or
time stretch, it's largely going to waste. I've been meaning to ask Bill
Walker whether it's the Repeater or the Repeater plus the arpeggiator in 
GR-30 that he loves. The most interesting thing I found to do with it 
the brief period I owned one was to put a basic loop on two tracks and then
switch to the other two tracks with feedback significantly reduced. That 
part of the loop stays stable while another part needs continual renewal.

I've head your music Stuart (and promoted it to others). You've done very
well with the DL4. I think your future is probably better served with 
multiple DL4s, multiple Echo Pros, or an EDP (though you'd need multiple
EDPs to get more than one loop playing at once or stereo).


P.S. I had to take the floor model to get the $199 price because that was
all they had left. A few scratches in the top and no box, but otherwise it
seems to be fine.