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Repeater as Used by Bill Walker

Mark Hamburg wrote:


The Repeater is an intriguing instrument, but if you don't pitch shift or
time stretch, it's largely going to waste. I've been meaning to ask Bill
Walker whether it's the Repeater or the Repeater plus the arpeggiator in 
GR-30 that he loves. The most interesting thing I found to do with it 
the brief period I owned one was to put a basic loop on two tracks and then
switch to the other two tracks with feedback significantly reduced. That 
part of the loop stays stable while another part needs continual renewal.


The most interesting thing Bill did in his show in San Luis Obispo IMHO was
to use the synth guitar info to modulate the pitch of the Repeater loop.
One of the biggest limitations of loop music seems to me to be the tendency
to stay in one tonality--and he used the pitch shift to great effect.
Plays pretty good too!