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My Repeater -> 2xEchoPro's... Should I take the plunge?

Hi all,

I had a proposition today from someone to exchange my Repeater for 2 
new Echo Pro's....

I've been thinking for a long while that the Repeater is not the 
looping tool for me. When I purchased it I was in contact with 
Electrix, and was told that certain features that I was looking for 
would be available in future OS upgrades... well... thats out of the 
question now :)

For the features that work well on the Repeater (Tempo/Pitch change), 
I've never used them in my improvisations (I don't like changing 
sounds/loops from their natural state). I have only used Midi sync a 
couple of times, instead preferring natural timing when jamming with 
other musicians.... I use the 4 tracks, but I don't really utilise them 
fully.... Even the panning (I play a mono instrument through mono 
effects) I've never really utilised.

I've been looping mainly using my trusty DL4, and love the simplicity 
and organic nature of the unit. I've also been experimenting using two 
DL4's in line (thanks Virgile), and have successfully created short 
rhythmic sections on the first, and then bounced them to a longer loop 
using the second DL4.... It got me thinking about looping in a 
different way.

So.... ignoring any financial plusses or minuses for the proposed deal, 
do you think that I'd make the right decision by saying yes to the 

I'm thinking that two Echo Pro's, controlled by my trusty 1010 with an 
inline DL4 would expand my project in the right direction. I know its 
not an EDP, but there is no way that I can afford one of those at the 
moment (way overpriced).... I was especially taken by the ideas 
proposed by Line6 in the Echo Pro manual about having two units in loop 
mode, and how to control them. I could also rig the two units to work 
as one stereo unit.... plus the 60/120 second loop time....

Any thoughts anyone? :) Could anyone help me play Devils Advocate with 


- Stu (http://solostring.com)