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Re: My Repeater -> 2xEchoPro's... Should I take the plunge?

At 10:16 AM 4/25/2003, Stuart Wyatt wrote:
>On Friday, April 25, 2003, at 06:58  pm, Greg House wrote:
>>It really depends on the features you need and the way you work. I'd feel
>>extremely limited without at least a feedback control and an UNDO 
>>function, and
>>the EchoPro doesn't provide either one.
>99% of my looping work has been using the DL4 - which does not have an 
>UNDO feature or feedback controls... I've just learnt not to make 
>when I play, or when I do, I've found ways to <cough> hide them and make 
>them 'deliberate parts of the performance' :)

It seemed to me that the Echo Pro didn't really add much looping functions 
beyond what the DL4 does already. More loop time is about it. If you 
already have 2 DL4's, you might not really gain much by getting two echo 

>>How would you get two EchoPros to work as one stereo unit? They don't do 
>>midi (or
>>any other) synch in loop mode, so they'll drift.
>The stereo side of looping does not interest me that much, but if you had 
>two EchoPro's listening to the same 1010, with the second unit connected 
>to the firsts' midi out (acting as Midi thru), or both running off of a 
>Midi Thru box, then it should work ok. As long as both units received the 
>midi signals at the same time, then there shouldn't be any drifting....

No it will definitely still drift without some kind of sync. The internal 
clocks of two devices are never exactly the same. They will drift apart, 
even if they start together.

>Re: the $199 price that Mark commented on, over here in Europe the price 
>is, as always, much more expensive. I'd never sell on Ebay or ship 
>something to someone through the post. I've had many problems doing that 
>in the past... In fact, every shipment I've made or received over the 
>2 years have had problems of some sort. I think the EDP is roughly $1200 
>in the UK, and non-existent here in France.

I think Gibson is starting up some European distributors, but I don't know 
the details. You might want contact them and ask about it.


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