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Re: My Repeater -> 2xEchoPro's... Should I take the plunge?

On Friday, April 25, 2003, at 10:14 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>  I've been meaning to ask Bill
> Walker whether it's the Repeater or the Repeater plus the arpeggiator 
> in his
> GR-30 that he loves. The most interesting thing I found to do with it 
> during
> the brief period I owned one was to put a basic loop on two tracks and 
> then
> switch to the other two tracks with feedback significantly reduced. 
> That way
> part of the loop stays stable while another part needs continual 
> renewal.

I love it for that reason as well, but I have to say that the other 
beautiful thing about the Repeater is the ability to use it's effects 
loop before or after the loop (the later not effecting what you're 
putting into the loop).  Another great thing that I didn't think would 
be all that cool, but turned out to be really fun is the "slip" 
function.  Record a stereo loop, then de-link the tracks and "slip" one 
fwd or backward in time relative to the other track(s)  Fun!

Mark Sottilaro