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A REPEATER for 2 ECHO PROS? thumbs down from this pundit

Dont' even dream of it, Stuart.

Even if this is the way to go (and I"m skeptical),  they are blowing out 
ECHO pros and discontinuing them (same fate as the Repeater).

I've heard they are going for $199 and $250 apiece here in the states, 

You can sell your Repeater with a cfc card for
upwards of $700-$800 right now on the list or on e-bay.

Sell it, if you want to get rid of it and buy two brand new ECHO pros with
$200 to $300 to throw at other musical gear (or rent....... :-(

Now, there is one salient reason why I think it is a bad idea to sell your
REPEATER and that is, it has the ability to sync midi to loops.

You can drive other loopers gear (including EDP owners), take clock from
sequencers or drum machines or digital delays or filter boxes.

That's my incredibly opinionated take on this offer.

best of luck on your decision (which ever way it goes).

Rick Walker

 and if you want to do the trade, hell,  let me know:  I'll go buy two 
warrantied ECHO pros and trade you for your REPEATER........just let me
know, but do it soon, I leave on tour in two weeks.

Stuart Wyatt wrote:

> So.... ignoring any financial plusses or minuses for the proposed deal,
> do you think that I'd make the right decision by saying yes to the
> offer?
> I'm thinking that two Echo Pro's, controlled by my trusty 1010 with an
> inline DL4 would expand my project in the right direction. I know its
> not an EDP, but there is no way that I can afford one of those at the
> moment (way overpriced).... I was especially taken by the ideas
> proposed by Line6 in the Echo Pro manual about having two units in loop
> mode, and how to control them. I could also rig the two units to work
> as one stereo unit.... plus the 60/120 second loop time....
> Any thoughts anyone? :) Could anyone help me play Devils Advocate with
> myself?