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Re: EDP Insert question

Kim - I love how this sequence works.  And the surprizes that await me each
time I start to hear back the material I was playing but couldn't hear 
I was laying it down. :)


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> At 08:47 AM 4/25/2003, Michael Peters wrote:
> >In the setting for this piece, I have turned the mix button far up to 
> >'loop' end - I want the original signal to be hidden, only the looped
> >is supposed to be heard over the PA. So after having recorded something,
> >EDP loops it and people can hear the loop.
> >
> >Now I want to make inserts. The problem is that while I record the new
> >Insert, there is nothing to be heard - because I have set the EDP mix to
> >'loop'.
> >
> >Is there a way to hide the original signal - but not hiding it during 
> >recording of an insert ? (the newest EDP software is installed.)
> Here's how to do this:
> - Instead of using Insert, use Multiply.
> - Start the multiply, and let one repetition play, this will be the one
> - at the second cycle of the multiply, drop feedback to 0 as you begin
> playing new stuff.
> - Continue playing for however many "inserts" you want to do.
> - End multiply, and return feedback to 100% as the original cycle starts
> Because it is Multiply, the original material continues to play as you 
> new material. Because you still have Mix set to Loop, nothing you play at
> that time is being heard as you play it, but it is being added to the
> Because feedback is at 0 while you are multiplying, the original material
> in the later cycles of the multiply will be gone the next time around,
> leaving only the new stuff. You will only hear the old stuff as the
> Multiply is being done, so the sound does not stop for the audience.
> kim
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