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Re: My Repeater -> 2xEchoPro's... Should I take the plunge?

--- Stuart Wyatt <loopersdelight@solostring.com> wrote:

> So.... ignoring any financial plusses or minuses for the proposed deal, 
> do you think that I'd make the right decision by saying yes to the 
> offer?

It really depends on the features you need and the way you work. I'd feel
extremely limited without at least a feedback control and an UNDO 
function, and
the EchoPro doesn't provide either one.

> I'm thinking that two Echo Pro's, controlled by my trusty 1010 with an 
> inline DL4 would expand my project in the right direction. I know its 
> not an EDP, but there is no way that I can afford one of those at the 
> moment (way overpriced).... I was especially taken by the ideas 
> proposed by Line6 in the Echo Pro manual about having two units in loop 
> mode, and how to control them. I could also rig the two units to work 
> as one stereo unit.... plus the 60/120 second loop time....

How would you get two EchoPros to work as one stereo unit? They don't do 
midi (or
any other) synch in loop mode, so they'll drift. 


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