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Re: My Repeater -> 2xEchoPro's... Should I take the plunge?

I'd say do it because you'll be happier, BUT:  why don't you 1st see if you
can sell the Repeater on Ebay for enough to buy an EDP, if that's what you
really want.
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From: "Stuart Wyatt" <loopersdelight@solostring.com>
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Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 5:20 PM
Subject: My Repeater -> 2xEchoPro's... Should I take the plunge?

> Hi all,
> I had a proposition today from someone to exchange my Repeater for 2
> new Echo Pro's....
> I've been thinking for a long while that the Repeater is not the
> looping tool for me. When I purchased it I was in contact with
> Electrix, and was told that certain features that I was looking for
> would be available in future OS upgrades... well... thats out of the
> question now :)
> For the features that work well on the Repeater (Tempo/Pitch change),
> I've never used them in my improvisations (I don't like changing
> sounds/loops from their natural state). I have only used Midi sync a
> couple of times, instead preferring natural timing when jamming with
> other musicians.... I use the 4 tracks, but I don't really utilise them
> fully.... Even the panning (I play a mono instrument through mono
> effects) I've never really utilised.
> I've been looping mainly using my trusty DL4, and love the simplicity
> and organic nature of the unit. I've also been experimenting using two
> DL4's in line (thanks Virgile), and have successfully created short
> rhythmic sections on the first, and then bounced them to a longer loop
> using the second DL4.... It got me thinking about looping in a
> different way.
> So.... ignoring any financial plusses or minuses for the proposed deal,
> do you think that I'd make the right decision by saying yes to the
> offer?
> I'm thinking that two Echo Pro's, controlled by my trusty 1010 with an
> inline DL4 would expand my project in the right direction. I know its
> not an EDP, but there is no way that I can afford one of those at the
> moment (way overpriced).... I was especially taken by the ideas
> proposed by Line6 in the Echo Pro manual about having two units in loop
> mode, and how to control them. I could also rig the two units to work
> as one stereo unit.... plus the 60/120 second loop time....
> Any thoughts anyone? :) Could anyone help me play Devils Advocate with
> myself?
> Cheers,
> - Stu (http://solostring.com)