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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?! - Latest thoughts

At 8:24 PM -0800 3/6/02, Andre LaFosse wrote:

>I think the best option at this point would be to think in terms of 
>a "mini" tour, hitting SLO and the Bay Area over two or three 
>days...If we did SLO on a Thursday or Friday, and a couple of things 
>in the Bay Area over that weekend, it would probably make things 
>reasonably managable for everyone involved.

>If I'm correct, right now it looks like myself, Max, RZ, and Matthias as
>potential candidates for this.

I'm not sure when Matthias is leaving, but I'm assuming end of March. 
My own schedule is that I'll be leaving L.A. tomorrow for a week in 
San Francisco and points south, then I may be back up to Santa Cruz 
and Berkeley on the 24th and 25th. I have a meeting in L.A. on 
Saturday the 30th.

The Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival is coming up, with an event on 
Sunday 3/24 and a series of events starting 4/3. This is something to 
keep in mind.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202