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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?! - Latest thoughts

I agree, I for one would love to do a mini tour, but I bet my employer 
wouldn't be all that happy if I said, "I'm hitting the road, see ya on 
VH1."  However, anything between SF Bay area and Santa Cruz on a weekend 
would be great.  I say we approach all the Electrix, Line6, Lexicon and 
Gibson dealers in the area and say, "let's come in on a Saturday 
afteroon and show your customers what's possible."  That would be a nice 
mini tour in itself, and could only help fuel loop device buying, hence 
loop device production and R&D.  A win/win if you ask me.

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, March 6, 2002, at 08:24  PM, Andre LaFosse wrote:

> Yo list,
> After Rick's latest rundown on the practical realities of the thing, as
> well as Hans' report, here's my feeling:
> For the forseeable future, a tour of any significant magnitude seems
> like a dubious proposition at best.  Between scheduling, venue bookings,
> Rick's current schedule, and myriad other concerns, I think it would be
> a project best undertaken in a semi-long term sense.  Maybe some time
> mid- to late Summer would be a time to shoot for?
> In the near future, I think the best option at this point would be to
> think in terms of a "mini" tour, hitting SLO and the Bay Area over two
> or three days.  It would be (relatively) easy to organize, and Matthias
> could concievably swing down to SLO for a show if he were so inclined.
> If we did SLO on a Thursday or Friday, and a couple of things in the Bay
> Area over that weekend, it would probably make things reasonably
> managable for everyone involved.  The Banana's at Large clinic idea
> isn't bad at all; what about the possibility of some sort of house
> concert deal somewhere in the area?  (And/or doing a clinic there, if
> the Banana's idea doesn't pan out...)
> In regards to Hans' post, I could see doing Thursday the 28th, and I
> could try to arrange something else SLO-ish for Friday, if nothing
> materializes for the Bay Area prior to that weekend.  And I could
> definitely find myself accomodations for at least one of those nights,
> so as to keep Hans from going utterly insane twice in one month.  Mr.
> Lindauer has already gone way above and beyond the call of duty, so I'd
> like him to be spared as much as possible.
> If I'm correct, right now it looks like myself, Max, RZ, and Matthias as
> potential candidates for this.  Somebody smack me upside the head if I'm
> wrong on that count...  and let me know how this sort of scenario looks
> to the aforementioned folks.
> Sleep!
> --Andre
> Hans Lindauer wrote:
>> I just checked my local spot, Sweet Springs Saloon, and they have 
>> Thursdays
>> available starting March 28th.  I realize that may be too late for 
>> Matthias.
>> I may be able to get a gig at the Frog and Peach Pub in San Luis 
>> Obispo on a
>> Friday night sooner than that, or possibly some other spot.  Thursday 
>> nights
>> are good for gigging here, but are often booked months ahead.  I think 
>> there
>> could be a pretty good turnout for a local show, after last weekend.
>> How long are you in the USA for, Matthias?  Have you guys come up 
>> with a
>> time window yet for this thing?
>> Regarding my own participation in such a tour, I'll leave the 
>> performing up
>> to you guys - I'll reverse roles with Andre this time around, and just 
>> enjoy
>> the show.  Not to mention that I have this thing called a job that I 
>> have to
>> go to in order to keep up my gear habit.  I would be willing to 
>> provide a
>> sound system for the weekend portion(s), if you need me to.
>> -Hans