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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?!

Oh-boy...sounds like something might be brewing!  I am game, schedules 
permitting, of course.  The question is how do we make this profitable 
(meaning so it does not costs us anything to put it on)?
Perhaps we need to brainstorm a few ideas around....
Rick W. and I have discussed the possibility of a central Cali loop 
tour...with a possible hit in Vegas....

>I can most likely get a venue in SLO, and you know you've got a place to
>stay.  Give me a date (or a range of dates), and I'm on it.

I really
>want to see that Grob/Valentino duet, and I'm intrigued by this new drum
>machine thing you've got happening, too.

Me too, Hans, me too!  And am eager to hear and see LaFosse in action!!!
OK boys and girls...let's put on out thinking caps.....
>Andre LaFosse wrote:
> >
> > max valentino wrote:
> > > ....hmmmm .....how about a California Looper's Tour?  There's some 
>food for
> > > thought....
> >
> > Been thinking the very same thing myself, Max.  LA, San Luis Obispo,
> > Santa Cruz, the Bay Area...  I think it's damn do-able.  And I'd love 
> > be able to arrange such a thing while Mr. Grob is still in the 
> >
> > Can we do this, folks?  What needs to be arranged, in terms of
> > specifics?  How soon can we realistically book consecutive gigs up (or
> > down) the coast?
> >
> > Let me know.  I'm itching to hit the road with this stuff.
> >
> > --Andre LaFosse
> > http://www.altruistmusic.com

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