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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?!

I just checked my local spot, Sweet Springs Saloon, and they have Thursdays
available starting March 28th.  I realize that may be too late for 
I may be able to get a gig at the Frog and Peach Pub in San Luis Obispo on 
Friday night sooner than that, or possibly some other spot.  Thursday 
are good for gigging here, but are often booked months ahead.  I think 
could be a pretty good turnout for a local show, after last weekend.

How long are you in the USA for, Matthias?  Have you guys come up with a
time window yet for this thing?

Regarding my own participation in such a tour, I'll leave the performing up
to you guys - I'll reverse roles with Andre this time around, and just 
the show.  Not to mention that I have this thing called a job that I have 
go to in order to keep up my gear habit.  I would be willing to provide a
sound system for the weekend portion(s), if you need me to.


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> max valentino wrote:
> > Oh-boy...sounds like something might be brewing!  I am game, schedules
> > permitting, of course.  The question is how do we make this profitable
> > (meaning so it does not costs us anything to put it on)?
> > Perhaps we need to brainstorm a few ideas around....
> Here are some brain-storming ideas:
> -- CD sales could help offset expenses; I know Max and myself both have
> discs we could hawk.
> -- There's been talk about doing some sort of clinic type thing with
> Matthias.  If we could find some sort of Bay Area performance
> venue/clinic space, and ask for some sort of suggested donation at the
> door, that would certainly help.
> -- How realistic would it be to find a handful of amenable venues
> between LA and the Bay Area that would offer a reasonable guarantee for
> three or four acts?
> For that matter, what would constitute a reasonable guarantee?
> For me personally, I could probably do a tour for about $20 - $30 a day
> (for gas money and miscellaneous expenses), assuming I could find a few
> floors to crash on along the way.  Making a profit would certainly be
> nice, but breaking even is a lofty-enough goal to shoot for at this 
> > Rick W. and I have discussed the possibility of a central Cali loop
> > tour...with a possible hit in Vegas....
> Let me see here: Max, Rick W, myself... Hans?  You want to join the
> caravan?
> Logistically (and financially), it might be easier for just a couple of
> folks to hit the road, and hook up with various other people at gigs
> along the way...  and since Max and I are (relatively) in the same part
> of town, it would probably be easiest for us to coordinate a route.
> Though it would be great fun to have other people along for the full
> Hmmm.
> --Andre