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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?!

max valentino wrote:
> Oh-boy...sounds like something might be brewing!  I am game, schedules
> permitting, of course.  The question is how do we make this profitable
> (meaning so it does not costs us anything to put it on)?
> Perhaps we need to brainstorm a few ideas around....

Here are some brain-storming ideas:

-- CD sales could help offset expenses; I know Max and myself both have
discs we could hawk.

-- There's been talk about doing some sort of clinic type thing with
Matthias.  If we could find some sort of Bay Area performance
venue/clinic space, and ask for some sort of suggested donation at the
door, that would certainly help.

-- How realistic would it be to find a handful of amenable venues
between LA and the Bay Area that would offer a reasonable guarantee for
three or four acts?  

For that matter, what would constitute a reasonable guarantee?

For me personally, I could probably do a tour for about $20 - $30 a day
(for gas money and miscellaneous expenses), assuming I could find a few
floors to crash on along the way.  Making a profit would certainly be
nice, but breaking even is a lofty-enough goal to shoot for at this point.

> Rick W. and I have discussed the possibility of a central Cali loop
> tour...with a possible hit in Vegas....

Let me see here: Max, Rick W, myself... Hans?  You want to join the

Logistically (and financially), it might be easier for just a couple of
folks to hit the road, and hook up with various other people at gigs
along the way...  and since Max and I are (relatively) in the same part
of town, it would probably be easiest for us to coordinate a route. 
Though it would be great fun to have other people along for the full