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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

Andre said:

>1) Could all of the performers post a specific list of all the gear
>they're planning on using?

- custom 19"box with my distortions+connections+mixing
- custom pedal board with multicore to the above
- Lexicon PCM90 (would be nice not to have to bring it, another reverb may 
- Lexicon PCM80 for effects, mainly pitch shift (I can play without)
- Alesis AirFX for filter effects (I can play without, but its easy 
to bring along)
- 1 or 2 Echoplexes (there may be some in the area ;-)

>3) How many performers are self-contained (i.e. have their own
>amps/cabinets, and are able to do their thing independently of a PA) and
>how many people need to use the PA (i.e. are going DI into the board,
>without a discrete amp)?  How many discrete feeds will each act need to
>send into a PA?

Any reasonable pair of flat speakers with any one stereo input serves for 
I cannot bring such equipment.

>4) Here's an idea: what about the possibility of each act soundchecking
>right before they start playing?

Usually, I dont need any sound check. My first note confirms the 
volume and the second note is the first of the preformance ;-)
For traveling, it would be nice to bring only the minimum of my set 
(the first two custom items) and borrow the Echoplexes and Lexicons 
(or similar, or do without). Thus I will have to do the connections 
and settings in those units, but this is quick and can be tested by 
headphones off stage or so.

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