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Loopstock Update 02-13-02

Dear Loopers,

I'll try to keep everybody up-to-date with what's going on with the 
whenever I have something new.

First of all, I've abandoned the name "Central Coast Loopfest," and 
adopted the 
shorter and slightly more descriptive name "Loopstock" for the festival.  
I hope 
nobody was really attached to the old name - if so, you can continue using 

Secondly, in case you were wondering how we were realistically going to 
fit 15
or 16 1/2-hour performances into eight hours, well I have to admit that I 
too.  So I booked the venue from 2:00 until 12:00, and stipulated that we 
may go
overtime a little bit.

Third, does anybody mind if Andre joins the loopfest at this time?  Send 
him an
e-mail and let him know it's OK.  (Sorry, dude - I couldn't resist.)

Fourth, if anyone is definitely coming down from San Francisco, Matthias 
a ride - please let him know if you can help: matthias@grob.org

Here's everybody who has confirmed to perform so far:

Ted Killian
Max Valentino
Rick Walker
Rich Atkinson & Cliff Novey
Bill Walker
Richard Zvonar
Steven Rice

Please let me know ASAP and then get me your bio when you are able:

Tom Heasley
Stan Card
Jon Wagner
Mark Sottilaro
Mark Hamburg

Checking airfare and logistics, let me know when you know yourself:

Matthias Grob
Perry the Canadian Looper


Line6 DL4 - Rick Walker
Repeater - Bill Walker
Echoplex Digital Pro - Matthias Grob / Andre LaFosse(?)
Any other volunteers?  This will be very informal.  Somebody's an expert 
on a
Jamperson (Max), or Boomerang, Headrush, RC-20, whatever, aren't they?  
realtime software loopers to show off?

Your humble event coordinator,

-Hans Lindauer