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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

So much for your answering machine remark about not trying to change my
mind, Hans.  ;)  

Rick Walker is no doubt rubbing his hands with glee right now...  Such
heinous duress and blackmail!  Coersion most foul!  :() 

I appreciate the votes of confidence from folks.  As I mentioned to Hans
and Rick, the main issue for me is to make sure that everyone who's been
planning on playing for a long time is well-accommodated.  ESPECIALLY
since there are folks coming in from out of state/country for the thing.

Now here's my thinking:

If everyone on Hans' various lists confirms for the show, we're dealing
with 7 1/2 hours of show time, assuming everyone does a 30 minute set. 
Even if a couple of the acts run less than that, it's also likely that
at least one or two will go a bit over that as well, and people
shouldn't have to feel like they need to time their set right down to
the second.

I think it's reasonable to add an extra ten minutes between each act
(and that's a very, very conservative estimate), to accomodate gear
set-up/tear-down, preparation, and audience breaks.  

That's an extra 150 minutes, which puts the total performance time at 10
hours... which fills up the 2:00 - 12:00 time allotted for the entire 

And this still doesn't include soundchecks, or the nebulous
workshop/demo stage at the beginning.  

Speaking of soundcheck...  am I the only one a bit terrified at the
prospect of soundchecking 15 seperate live electronic acts in one hour,
as was intitially the case?!

For the moment, let's set aside the issue of me playing at some point on
the bill, and see if we can streamline the whole process some for the
show as it currently (looks likely to) exist:  

1) Could all of the performers post a specific list of all the gear
they're planning on using?

2) What sort of mixer is going to be driving the house system, Hans? 
How many inputs can be handled at any one time?

3) How many performers are self-contained (i.e. have their own
amps/cabinets, and are able to do their thing independently of a PA) and
how many people need to use the PA (i.e. are going DI into the board,
without a discrete amp)?  How many discrete feeds will each act need to
send into a PA?

4) Here's an idea: what about the possibility of each act soundchecking
right before they start playing?  To me, that would make more sense than
having every single act set up their rig, soundcheck it, and then make
way for another act to do the same thing.  Part of this depends, of
course, on how much gear there will be (and I'm guessing A LOT of tech). 
Ideally, if as many acts could be set up for their gig as possible at
any one time, it would probably make things a lot easier, and streamline
change-overs and so forth.

5) Any possibility of sharing some gear/amps/whatever?  If you can avoid
having 10 DL4's and six JamMans on stage at any one time, that might
make life easier...

So.  Let's see reactions to these questions, and let's see who
specifically confirms for the lineup.  Again, I appreciate the interest,
but to me personally it's of paramount importance that the bill as it's
already been established be able to run as smoothly as possible. 
ESPECIALLY since there are people already booked, who have been planning
on gigging here for a long time, who rarely (if ever) get the chance to
play in this part of the country... whereas I live three hours down the
freeway, and have a lot of California gigs looming in the very likely 

Once everyone's been confirmed and we've addressed some of the myriad
set-up/logistical issues, then MAYBE I can find a way of getting in
there in an incongruous fashion... but I remain pretty skeptical as to
the prospects.

And honestly, from a performer's point of view, I'm not exactly chomping
at the bit to squeeze into an already overcrowded bill, you know?  There
are a lot of people I'm looking forward to hearing at the show, without
having to worry about fitting in myself (and stepping on a lot of toes
in the process...)

You're right, Hans, brevity is not my forte, is it?  Oh well...

Let's see what happens, eh?

Careful of the brown ACID,