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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

as long as the beer doesn't run out, I don't see a problem. :-)

At 12:42 AM 2/14/2002, Andre LaFosse wrote:
>If everyone on Hans' various lists confirms for the show, we're dealing
>with 7 1/2 hours of show time, assuming everyone does a 30 minute set.
>Even if a couple of the acts run less than that, it's also likely that
>at least one or two will go a bit over that as well, and people
>shouldn't have to feel like they need to time their set right down to
>the second.
>I think it's reasonable to add an extra ten minutes between each act
>(and that's a very, very conservative estimate), to accomodate gear
>set-up/tear-down, preparation, and audience breaks.
>That's an extra 150 minutes, which puts the total performance time at 10
>hours... which fills up the 2:00 - 12:00 time allotted for the entire 

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