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RE:new echoplexer: wanna copy loop and then change it

Title: RE:new echoplexer: wanna copy loop and then change it

 Bradley Fish <bradleyfishmusic@yahoo.com> wrote:
I did it-well, almost! I can copy my original loop into each loop and then make each one unique from there. Cool! But now I have a new problem:
Sometimes the loop I'm listening to will just stop when it reaches the end for (seemingly?) no reason until I press overdub. Any idea why it's stopping?

then later:
ahhhhh...fixed my loop stopping problem tonight with a long press of the parameter button upon re-powering.  Finally doing those multi-loop songs...whew!
Still curious if there is anyway to use the Roland GR-33 guitar synth to control the echoplex?
Thanks for the help!
Bradley Fish

Sorry not to be available every day...
You most probably had the SamplerStyle set to ONE, which is the mode where each loop is played just one, as if it was a sample. Then at the end, we go automatically to MUTE, where you came out from with Overdub, whereas Mute, Undo (or Multiply, if you work with a MIDIclock) would be more natural ways to come out.

Then, with the Parameter Reset, the SamplerStyle was set to run again, which left you happy, but still without knowing what happened, thats why I am saying all this...
...and because the impression may be left that the EDP does "esotherical things"...

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