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Re: Loopstock Update 02-13-02

snip from Andre:

>I appreciate the votes of confidence from folks.  As I mentioned to Hans
>and Rick, the main issue for me is to make sure that everyone who's been
>planning on playing for a long time is well-accommodated.  ESPECIALLY
>since there are folks coming in from out of state/country for the thing.

hey y'all,

Andre's thoughts on this event seem right on the money.  I DO think 
that underestimating setup times is very silly.  OVERESTIMATE.  what 
can go wrong, will go wrong, and more.

Other than that...i'm pretty neutral about the whole thing.  If Andre 
wants to play, cool, ok.  If he wants to bow to allow for more 
breathing room, then don't knock a gift horse in the mouth... i can 
see a good deal of potential confusion happening with this event.

Cliff and I are discussing an independent setup, where we could 
monitor soundcheck offline via headphones, then just turn our amps on 
and go...

our gear should look like such:

rich: pedalboard + midi controller > pod > mixer > jammie + repeater + 
and AMP/or out to PA
cliff: pedalboard to edp/repeater/m1 in rack (and i think he's got a 
couple of hampsters chugging away on a wheel too, but i can't swear 
to it)
out to AMP/or out to PA

plus we've got a stereo backing track via portable CD player.  we may 
run this through our mixer/amps if the PA situatioin gets too crowded 
and we need to setup independently


just the length of 8-10 hours... is there places to sit, lie down, 
walk around, get some fresh air, go to the restroom, get something to 
eat, etc, etc?

looking forward to seeing you all!