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OT: sequencer inventor

In response to:
> >I'm a firm believer in credit where it's due, so it would be nice if
> >peope perceived as innovators were a little more vocal in crediting 
> >sources.
Richard Zvonar <zvonar@zvonar.com> wrote:
> I was witness to an example of that during a panel about the early 
> years of analog synthesizers, featuring Bob Moog and several of his 
> associates. When the the topic of Moog's sequencer module came up Bob
> said, "oh, that was an idea I copped from Don Buchla."
> Richard Zvonar, PhD

I don't doubt that Moog said that.  However, I was under the impression
that Raymond Scott was the 'inventor' of the the musical sequencer. 

Moog wrote:- "Raymond Scott was definitely in the forefront of
developing electronic music technology, and in the forefront of using
it commercially as a musician. He was the first -- he foresaw the use
of sequencers and electronic oscillators to make sounds. These were the
watershed uses of electronic circuitry." 
"When I first worked for him in the 1950s, he had built a sequencer
with relays, motors, steppers and electronic.circuits.
I had-never-seen-anything-like.it.''

Raymond Scott wrote:
Gentlemen: I have a story that may be of interest to you.

It is not widely known who invented the circuitry concept for the
automatic sequential performance of musical pitches - now well known as
a sequencer.

I, however, do know who the inventor was - for it was I who first
conceived and built the sequencer.

Bob Moog, who visited me occasionally at my lab on Long Island, was
among the first to see and witness the performance of my UJT-Relay

To digress for a bit: I was so secretive about my development
activities - perhaps neurotically so - that I was always reminding Bob
that he mustn't copy or reveal my sequencer work to anyone. I
understand, now, my personal need for secrecy at that time. Electronic
music for commercials and films was my living then - and I thought I
had this great advantage - because of my sequencer.

Word naturally got around about the nature of what my device
accomplished, but Bob Moog continued to be loyal. I must say Bob Moog
is a most honorable person. He steadfastly refrained from embodying my
sequencer in his equipment line until the sheer pressure of so many
manufacturers using the sequencer forced him to compete. Yet, he used
the simplest version, though he knew about my most advanced sequencer.
Quite a gentleman, and a super talent besides.

Now, with the passing of years, I guess I regret my secrecy and would
like for people to know of what I accomplished.

-Raymond Scott


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